TDM in chitosan applied plants than control. In the field or garden for fruits and vegetables: Mix 1 ml in 1 Litre of water foliar spray. Key Message: Chitosan foliar application enhances yield with booting thermos-tolerance ability by improving enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant systems in cucumber genotypes under high temperature. Fungicidal Activity of Chitosan However, statistically similar grain yield (9887 kgha-1) was also obtained under application of 92 kilo gram nitrogen per hectare in the same intra spacing (20 cm). p. 14, Conference, Thailand, 1-4 February. [3] Bittelli, Marco, et al. The higher rate of photosynthesis is an indicator of positive growth. “Chitosan in plant protection.”, [2] Bautista-Baños, Silvia, et al. Chitosan oligosaccharide is widely used worldwide as foliar spray and plant growth promoter. “Chitosan improves development, and protects Vitis vinifera L. against Botrytis cinerea.”. The herbicide effect on the chlorophyll content (а, в and а+в) in the leaves of the raspberry plants was spectrophotometrically analyzed. [6] E.M. El-Tantawy, et al. The enzyme has a low affinity for nitrate, Kspp194 8 to 10 mM. D. E. Freepons successfully secured a patent for a plant growth regulator made of chitosan and non-phytotoxic acid. Economics of chitosan treatments as foliar spray … 235-239. At an early stage, the growth of soybean was improved by the application, but later it became almost similar in applied and control plants. nature, but its optimum nitrogen rate and spacing has not been determined yet. Applications of Chitosan Oligosaccharide: • Foliar spray • Soil Treatment • Plant growth promoter Foliar Spraying – Induce crops’ immunity to stress & diseases Specification of Dora Chitosan Oligosaccharide Dora Sailor is a chitosan oligosaccharide based product, its ingredient is Cos ( enzymatic hydrolysis process ), which has outstanding water-solubility, high biological activity , and easily absorbed utilized by crops . Chitosan-induced defence responses in tomato plants against early blight disease caused by Alternaria solani (Ellis and Martin) Sorauer. Arch. Изследването бе проведено в условия на постоянно почвено. In solution, chitosan can be applied as a soil amendment, foliar spray, hydroponic amendment, or adjuvant. “Reduction of transpiration through foliar application of chitosan.” Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 107.3 (2001): 167-175. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Therefore, foliar application of chitosan at 100 or 125 ppm may be used at early growth stage to achieve a maximum fruit yield in okra. Charles, 2014. The promotion was related to the increase in concentrations and frequencies of application of chitosan. The study was carried out under the conditions of continuous soil wetting, provided by a drip irrigation system. pp. Foliar spray of chitosan alleviates cadmium stress and improves G s, C i, P N and Tr in Brassica rapa (Zong et al., 2017). Chitosan level (200 ppm) was applied as foliar spray at 30 days post-sow and then applied two times after a week interval. pp. The results exposed that, potato production under Ghoraneem based Agrisilvicultural system was highest (29.20 tha-1) as compared to sole cropping of potato. lished the usefulness of the foliar application of zinc-complexed chitosan nanoparticles on wheat to improve mi-cronutrient availability from the grains produced. s, E, and C Chitosan improved the enzymatic antioxidants and osmolytes in enhancing the ability of cucumber to tolerate heat stress. Leaf area (cm 2 ) Leaf area of tomato was significantly affected by various levels of salinity and foliar sprayed with chitosan and their interaction was found significant at p ≤ 0.05. Origanum is one of the most important medicinal plants used worldwide due to the economic importance, quantity and quality of essential oil and antioxidant properties. Bull. в Института по овощарство–Пловдив на алувиално-ливадна почва бе изведен полски опит за проучване ефикасността и селективността на почвените хербициди пендиметалин, метолахлор и оксадиаржил и влиянието им върху съдържанието на хлорофил в листата на плододаващо малиново насаждение от ремонтантния сорт малини "Люлин ". It also acts as a catalyst to inhibit the growth of plant pathogens, and alter plant defense responses by triggering multiple useful metabolic pathways. Chitosan foliar treatment at the rate of 250 ppm dissolved in acetic acid (0.5 %) according to (Bautista-Baños et al., 2006). Pakistan J Biol Sci 12: 1164-1173, and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Rome, Italy p. 54, Res. AgNPs could control effectively Rhizoctonia solani and Xanthomonas oryzae pv. N of soybean plants did not differ from the control plants except for treatment CH5 (10–7 M) which caused an 8 % increase on day 2, along with increased g that by using the nano-chitosan as a foliar spray on mango trees with concentration of 5 mL LG1 to improve the vegetative growth and fruit quality. Abdul Malek on Mar 01, 2019, All content in this area was uploaded by Laila Naher on Jan 02, 2015, Effect of foliar application of chitosan on growth and yield in okra, growth promoter, on morphological, growth, b. or 125 ppm may be used at early growth stage to achieve a maximum fruit yield in okra. pp. The seeds were sow. However, many investigators also reported that using chitosan as a foliar spray increased vegetative growth, yield and biochemical contents in plants [15–21]. Differing from rice, the growth of soybean did not vary by chitosan application under fertilization. Oryzae and Helminthosporium oryzae. Res., 2: 168-176. But the Benefit cost Ratio (BCR) was highest (3.75) in Agrisilvicultural system compared to sole cropping of potato. BR at 10 −8 M and 200 mg/L chitosan showed a significant enhancement of growth parameters. Chitosan was compared to a conventional fungizide. This study was carried out during 2018 and 2019 seasons to examine the effect of spraying chitosan at 50 to 200 ppm once, twice or thrice on growth, vine nutritional status, yield and berries quality of Flame, seedless grapevines under Minia climatic conditions. The synthesized AgNPs with desirable characters were effective against a number of disease-causing pathogens in rice, and it can be recommended as broad-spectrum pesticide. This result showed 8.9% yield advantages compared to the standard check. However, as this experiment was conducted for one season and in one location, the comprehensive recommendation could be drawn by investigating at more locations over years for this hybrid maize.
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