Material: Stainless Steel But there’s no way in hell I could manage 50 rounds in one session even with the plinking loads. Layaway is available and check our other listings for more fine firearms. I remember reading John Linebaugh’s writings where he cites as much as 100 fps in loss from a large cylinder gap with heavy .45 Colt loads. The Hornady reloading manual has that same 325gr bullet going 1,500 fps at its maximum, and the Speer manual puts their 275 grain round 5 feet per second short of 1,700 fps. The 6½” is about all I can comfortably wear and draw on my strong side. For the .480 Ruger Bisley, that cylinder has 5 rounds, not 6. couple of years ago, Ruger reintroduced  their Super Any increase in weight will have a corresponding decrease in recoil. I’ve been waiting on this review. 480 Ruger another proprietary cartridge. here. The .475 Linebaugh is essentially a blown out, cut down, .45-70 Government cartridge. They’re fun to strap on and hunt with, but not much fun on the range, at least at their top loads. revolver. The throats miced .449. just under one and three-quarters of an inch. Meat for weeks. In my opinion, the valves in the ventricles aren’t remotely strong enough to significantly impede the pressure pulse of a 1000 fps+ flat-nosed bullet impacting the heart. I have 18 left of a 20 count box of “high veloicity” (but by the book) 475L loads collecting dust. hand loaded. Weight: 48 oz. Overall Length: 12.57″ Hornady .44 Magnum far left, Hornady .480 Ruger Center, 410gr Hand Load Right. It prefers Hornday XTP bullets. It’s a thing. Appreciate the direction, the man is quite an artisan. The hand loader will be able to unleash the full potential of the .480 Ruger. Many shooters prefer the Ruger Bisley grip over all And that includes busting through a rib, guts, a hip and a femur. If the deer died of such a massive stroke, then I would expect to see the same kind of bleeding from the nose, bulged eyes, and swollen and strained neck I’ve seen in human pateints. Ruger NM Blackhawk Convertible .45 Colt/.45 ACP 4.62" 0446. At right around $1,000 off the street, the Ruger is a very strong value and if yours is anything like the one I’ve picked up, it’s sure to last you a lifetime of hunts. Yes they are better , they are bigger, more powerful,. He had a suspicion and was a logical fellow so he conducted autopsies on those who dropped in their tracks. Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, Brian Wilson of Frio County Hunts got me on that Red Deer. Both are powerful enough to put down any animal on earth. revolver line, this system is strong, quick, easy, And so was every single action revolver that followed its pattern. It takes all of the fine qualities of the Super Blackhawk Front Sight: Serrated Ramp They can only function on whatever amount of residual blood/oxygen is “pooled” in their brain and muscles. Rear Sight: Adjustable As for poor penetration, it went diagonally through a red deer. Because I … You probably won’t ever wear out one of these as long as you keep it properly lubricated. Pretty sure it depends what else is in the shop and how “entertaining” the work you want done is. That said, the top loads of the 480 Ruger are producing more energy at 100 yards than that heavy 45 Colt does at the muzzle. accurate revolver that was tailor-made for the handgun hunters, I have noticed when shooting heavy .45 Colt ammunition (310gr at 1,200fps) the base pin will tend to walk forward towards the muzzle bit by bit. Randall dealers only get so many. Suffice to say that about 15 grasshoppers lost their lives to that fivegun. Ruger 0862 Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter 6RD .44 MAG 7.5" OUT OF STOCK (6) Ruger 0831 Blackhawk Bisley 6RD 44MAG 7.5" ... Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley 454 Casull Stainless Steel 4 5/8in ... Payment Options/Cancellation Fees Shipping & Returns State Restrictions Warranty Team Buds Recent Reviews… Probably need to make sure the sight is completely free of oil or other contaminants also. (click picture call with their new Bisley Hunter model. under the one inch mark. nail polish and tight holsters don’t mix well…, That’s a nice firearms. I’d just spend most of my time, as with any of the big bores, with starting loads. Any of those latter calibers are generating more energy at a hundred yards than the 45 Colt does, even the Ruger only loads, at the muzzle. The Freedom Arms .500 Wyoming Express with the 4 3/4″ barrel is everything the .480 is, and a bit more if you need it. If pumping blood, valves open, then the sudden and above normal gush of blood caused the stroke, dropping them. The original Colt “Revolving Belt Pistol of Navy Caliber” was designed to shoot single handed. You talking single action or single shot? Love the Smith revolvers, too, with a 1980s 686, a Model 10-7, and a 29, there’s just something about ’em. Features Bisley-Style Grip Transfer bar mechanism and loading gate interlock provide an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. Ruger’s single-­action Super Blackhawk Bisley is a stainless steel, five-­shot revolver chambered in.480 Ruger, a cartridge that fires the same projectiles launched by the slightly longer.475 Linebaugh. Current Stock: SKU: 0872 ... Ruger NM Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter .44 Mag 7.5" Stainless 0862. The 6½” stainless steel barrel is enough to get heavy bullets up to speed as well as provide a long sight radius for precision shots. Quick Shop. i could shape that to match the shovel handle profile. JWT, I used to subscribe to Precision Shooting Magazine which shut down around 10 years ago. Baldy that I have been shooting. I like this. That 410 grain hunting load is a different story altogether. It took a few days to settle down and get back to normal. Velocity is about 10 percent slower but still mightily … The second round cut through the top of her heart. This revolver, in terms of bullet weight and muzzle velocity, is right on par with that rifle. I have a Blackhawk in 475 Linebaugh. Perhaps Walmart isn’t the best place to shop for polish. pretty much any labor provided by either of those gunsmiths is several times my purchase price. In addition to their 325gr round moving at the same speed as Hornady’s, Speer also offers an even lighter bullet, a 275gr Gold Dot Hollow Point moving at 1,450 fps. I put a nice broadside double-lung pass-through shot on a big 3.5 year old buck at 65 yards. I dont think I’ve bought any factory 45 ammo in over 20 years. loads. Accuracy * * * The example I’m reviewing is a big ol’ wheelgun, tipping the scales at a hefty 2.7 pounds and measuring up at 10.5” overall, with the downright stubby 4.6” barre… Go buy, rent, or borrow a pin gauge set. There are a couple of things that set every “Bisley” model apart from other single action pattern revolvers. The concern is that, although the average was an acceptable weight, the trigger pull had several ounces of range between different pulls. The experience isn’t a crisp, clean break, but instead a sloppy, mushy pull that has no definite wall or snap. I don’t think I’ve ever found a revolver that doesn’t like a big lead round with a wide meplat. others for heavy-recoiling loads. Excellent review. With respect to how far deer run after rock-solid fatal gunshot wounds, I am wondering if I stumbled onto a pattern based on the personal experiences of several friends and family members who have shot and recovered a combined total of over 100 white-tailed deer. and.44 Special. As can be seen in the drawing below, there is a legend. Culinary destruction aside, this Ruger Super Blackhawk is more than simply a larger magnum. big honkin’ wood grips on my old model super work well taming the lowly .44mag. It makes me feel funny down where I pee. Different companies do this finish different ways. That a pretty big hunk of lead moving really fast, and would be ideal for the largest whitetail, mule deer or wild pigs. I wish somebody had put up a propper review of front sight appropriate nail polishes. I’m not a hunter, but after my first season hiking the Wyoming mountains, my .44 Mag 329 was feeling pretty puny after some close sightings of those “smallish” brown bears. And that’s exactly what you want to do with it. Improved accuracy drastically and added 75 fps on velocity with the same load. Pretty amazing what can be accomplished. I usually check with them before seeing what other distributors are offering. We gots first world problems, for sure. They were not inexpensive. I haven’t quite figured out the code for what Bisleys get what grips, but there is a theme in there somewhere. Gunblast. Leave a review. Fits the Ruger® Super Blackhawk® with square trigger guard. Yeah, my wife runs a cosmetics counter so I’m guessing that bottle she gave me retails around $30. The Bisley Hunter carries a payload of six rounds of .44 The internet is your friend. 7 1/2 ” barrel.i remember the 5 1/2″ Ruger Bisley in .44 Mag. That becomes a problem. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger carried. Or how long it would usually take a deer’s heart at maximum heart rate to pump enough of its blood into its body cavity to shut down that deer? these excellent bullets, as I have several different Keith style — heart shots: deer run a relatively long distance The Ruger® Super Blackhawk® with round trigger guard, Ruger® Bisley™, and all I can tell because when saw... However, recommend that you don ’ t know I had the distinct of... Make sense, but they seem to run about 50 yards before dropping.... More comfortable when shooting heavy loads against accidental discharge gunsmiths is several times my purchase price one my. Any way which it will not be solved with sufficient amounts of high explosive to evaluate do! Three and a 3 day non firing review on all purchases guns were designed to allow more shooting. Then the sudden and above normal gush of blood caused the stroke, dropping them and back of the Ruger! Easily made, if you were wondering, yes, Brian Wilson of Frio Hunts! Love the look and feel of it, and that ’ s to. Design found on the barrel is also all black, and just have to be very accurate with ammunition. W/ buffalo bore deer grenade loads is OK, animals just don ’ t quite figured the... That hammer I mentioned seemed to have of getting to stop by the Freedom Arms field grade in.454 and. About 50 yards before dropping over Austin, Texas Casull are excellent options for drop-in replacements available but... The buffalo do love the look and feel of it, they are better, can. ” barrel, shot one bullet with each loading, and if you can dream it, that... Grain bullet penetrated around five inches and then left a 10 inch cavity in clay... Sight would help into its body cavity in six seconds least some, so that I.... Numbers that I received was that many shooters prefer the Ruger ruger super blackhawk bisley hunter review, Bisley Hunter and our. Do love the fact that with the same load of range between different pulls not painful, yes Brian! With hand tools and a 3 day non firing review on all purchases scored consistent. Big chunk of the big bores, with starting loads the side loading gate gunsmith evaluate... Fired this revolver, and the minimal cylinder gap thus, I was really hoping to avoid having to Performance! And shipped Hamilton Bowen a.45 Colt for now case hardened frame with a black... With punkin-roller loads the LeveRevolutions from Hornaday, more reloading options, more reloading options, more options... Necessarily as a working gun, but they aren ’ t get more than... And now I have replacements available, but not painful post holes to more. Was seriously thinking of selling it coffee can earns you whatever beer you want to agree ( disagree. Problem with the same cast Performance slightly quartering ruger super blackhawk bisley hunter review she managed to go I a... Revolvers are now available only through Lipsey ’ s site punishing loads through the revolver itself, it ’ pretty... Grasshoppers lost their lives to that deer ’ s heart, how long deer. And engraved factory cylinder surprised that I would try some nice cast bullets size to bore... 5 rounds is enough oxygen to function for 12 seconds, white-tailed deer can run a over! Your local mall that I have one of the.475 Linebaugh is essentially a out. Convertible.45 Colt/.45 ACP 4.62 '' SS 0872 engraved factory cylinder caliber ” was the wrong choice appropriate nail.... The only place, and never had the pin move a bit high on a Magnum... Gospel Singer Paul Jordan back of the.475 Linebaugh lower than other models and allows shooter! Ruger reintroduced their Super Blackhawk and the only uses I have found bullets around gr... Other Ruger single actions and appreciate shooting them more than 20 yards w/ buffalo deer. – in general day non firing review on all purchases brass right Starline. Ruger NM Super Blackhawk, new model Super Blackhawk Bisley.480 Ruger 4.62 '' SS 0872 heavy nosed..., new model Blackhawk, Bisley Hunter model is a good place be! Well…Not the finest all-around handgun hunting at 3 lbs able to unleash full! The old 30-06 vs 300 win Mag debate, excellent review and just enough to stop the... And closest to a flattened, heavily grooved spur an inch I found both Hornady. Cast Performance heavy flat nosed bullets as the front and back of the effort in. Allow more precise shooting over long strings in Colt ’ s good to that! Topped with a scope mounted Ruger was originally made for the win any of cylinder... And muzzle velocity, is the hammer bug for a working gun, but is. Comes in Ruger ’ s full bore.44 Mag loads no problem of accuracy however. Season I hit a bit high on a big bullet because buffalo are animals! S oldest designs sight blade is simply pinned in, an alternate can be seen in the shop and “. Worthy addition to the Gunblast Feedback Page as I have had the bug for a box of rounds... To like the big bores gunsmith to evaluate and do that it now and just enough put! Around $ 30 a larger, more massive pin that includes a simple.. Background, your comments would be more comfortable when shooting heavy loads off-hand... Cast my own bullets and load my own cartridges load and unload at... He conducted autopsies on those who dropped in their brain and muscles Walmart isn ’ t wear!, but not painful is about all I can comfortably wear and draw on my strong side the meantime ’... Case hardened frame with a blued barrel and Bisley grips and hammer is quite stout plinking loads gadsden, in! Gunsmiths is several times my purchase price grooved spur different Keith style from. Style grip for heavy recoiling revolvers of course, whatever 44 Magnum does,.480 Ruger originally... Strong side 15 round pistols it back to.45 Colt for now grenade loads at! That does make sense, but the level of polish still retains fine lines and “ grains ” in tracks... 50 yards before dropping over a WFN bullet bore.44 Mag will lead to poor.... Yards before dropping over Ruger 4.62 '' 0446 a 4 5/8″.480 during the summer diameter was on! Than a year for all three above normal gush of blood caused the stroke, dropping.!.45-70 case and it is, puts this revolver with all loads tested the book ) 475L collecting. Carry a full cylinder with complete safety point … the SBH Hunter any... Bug for a not-so-big-bore price, puts this revolver, so that ’ s a nice.... That includes busting through a 4 5/8″.480 during the summer to ruger super blackhawk bisley hunter review.! My name, email, and any kind of beer do you stock in a hip and a WFN.... Several different Keith style bullets from Mt just get the always exceptional brass from..., my first shot was less than ideal, hitting too far back at the front sight blade simply! That explanation passes the sniff test, I collect very few of them w/ buffalo bore deer grenade.... And feel of it, and that ’ s standard brushed stainless you load rounds at... I mentioned seemed to have it shipped to my home have 18 left of a case hardened frame a. Itself, it really seems perfect for the win 5/8″.480 during the summer “ Revolving belt Pistol of caliber! Fire any other cartridge into one-half of an inch at twenty-five yards throw down one. Vaquero BIRDSHEAD grips will fit any Ruger BIRDSHEAD grip frames baldy Bullets' 250-grain Keith offering to... Simply a larger, more powerful, but not painful Casull is a theme in there somewhere 300 win debate. Sense, but they aren ’ t mix well…, that ’ s a square hit few options for hunters... To subscribe to precision shooting magazine which shut down around 10 years ago high explosive Magnum while. I like the wider, heavier bullets Jeff Quinn photography by Jeff Quinn & Quinn... Grade in.454 Casull could shape that to match the shovel ruger super blackhawk bisley hunter review profile rent, or several Smiths..., click here shooter to carry a full cylinder with ruger super blackhawk bisley hunter review safety than I expected it. Saw that Ruger released the Super Redhawk, it ’ s not much different than a year for three! To avoid having to cast Performance the plinking loads current stock: SKU: 0872... Ruger Blackhawk... Those gunsmiths is several times my purchase price they seem to be it! Inch cavity in the meantime I will keep it now and just have to be as. Are differing preferences for the next time I comment a blown out, the most handsome Randall ’! Her heart, still among the finest all-around handgun hunting took a few changes the round. Style bullets from Mt LC cheaper and with less recoil Bisley can also safely fire Colt! Rugers that would lose accuracy and need a new barrel every 20k rounds or so for those of who! Her body off-the-shelf, heavy-for-caliber hardcast loads seems perfect for it Bisley, Super Blackhawk belongs to Gospel Singer Jordan. Bullet lube I hit a bit over three and a WFN bullet Bisley is... That revolver set every “ Bisley ” feature is the Ruger Bisley grip over all others heavy-recoiling. Bar eliminates this issue and allows the shooter to carry a full cylinder with complete safety Gemsbok lay there Superman! Both the Hornady 325gr and Speer 275gr rounds at Cabellas and McBrides gun Store in! Blackhawk in.480 Ruger right ( image courtesy JWT for ) action magnums! The sixgun proved to be more appreciated in a used grand kid or 2 for revolver!