However, like several other redbud varieties, these trees grow best in well-drained soils and have low to medium water requirements. It can develop as a multi-trunk shrub. This is a phenomenal hybrid variety of the redbud tree which has been produced from the hybridization of the Texas White redbud and the Forest Pansy redbud. If you are looking for a small flowering tree with dark-colored foliage that grows best in hotter zones, this is the perfect option for you. wide (12 cm). texensis (Texas Redbud), this dwarf Eastern Redbud adds elegance to any space, including small gardens. The lavender pea-shaped flowers appear densely on the stems before the foliage appears. Cercis c. 'Forest Pansy' In Stock. Contact Info. Burgundy Hearts Redbud. It is a lovely compact kind of tree with a weeping canopy, making it ideal for small gardens and other similar-sized landscapes. The blooming period for the Rising Sun redbud tree begins during early spring, which makes it a spectacular and a hardy spring bloomer. This redbud variety is also called ‘white redbud’ mainly because of its gorgeous, small, white flowers that completely smother the tree during the early spring season. Redbud trees are very particular about growing in well-drained soil with just the right amount of moisture content. Two cultivars of independent origin that show gold leaf color are ‘JN2’ (The Rising Sun) and ‘Hearts of Gold’. A Forest Pansy Redbud, beautiful lavendar flowers in spring and spectacular burgandy foliage. Forest Pansy trees are a type of eastern redbud. Moreover, Forest Pansy variety has burgundy red to deep burgundy brown foliage. Dieses wunderschöne Gehölz ist unkompliziert und frosthart. The leaves, though, are the main reason to obtain one. Forest Pansy trees are a type of eastern redbud. Add to Any Collection My Collection. Burgundy Hearts ® Redbud Cercis canadensis ‘Greswan’ PP19654 Companion plant Forest Pansy redbud is a popular multi-stemmed tree with small pink flowers. In early spring the bare branches are smothered in brilliant fuchsia-pink flowers, making a striking impact in the still-dormant garden. There are redbuds for almost every part of the country, but for the northeast and cool to warm zones, a variety of the eastern redbud should be your first pick. These smother the tree in beauty, and the remarkable effect will be seen right across the garden, among your still-dormant trees and shrubs. Remove any dead branches promptly. Soon after her death, the tree named ‘Covey’ in her honor. In Stock. I'll add acidic mulch to it this year and see if that makes a change. The leaves and flowers together create a spectacular canopy in gardens and other landscape spaces that look absolutely splendid. The leaves are held out and hanging down, like hearts on short strings, creating a very charming look. You'll know spring has arrived when your Redbud blooms. Showy pink-lavender flowers appear before the leaves in the spring. It is easily grown in well-drained soils that have an average to medium moisture content, and it does best in full sun to part shade conditions. Delivery available to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut & Long Island. Height: 9' - 12' (270cm – 3.6m) Spread: 10' - 15' (3m – 4.5m) Fragrant: N/A Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' (Redbud) Add to Collection. New leaves emerge red then turn to gold. Full sun will give the best leaf color, but partial shade is also suitable, especially if it means avoiding dry soil. Redbuds have become very popular small trees, but it is important when choosing one to pick a variety that is reliable in your area, with your particular climate. The cheerful blossoms are on display for several weeks before being joined by broadly heart-shaped, shimmering red-purple leaves, 5 in. Nursery containers come in a variety of different sizes, and old-school nursery slang has stuck. Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' (Redbud) A large deciduous shrub or small, often multi-stemmed, tree with profuse, pea-like, rosy-pink flowers that arise before the foliage in spring. Ace of Hearts redbud is a dwarf redbud tree with stunning purple-reddish flowers that Most of the redbud cultivars have colored foliage varieties that further enhance the overall beauty, look and appeal of these trees. Growers believe this burgundy color will stay longer into the season than the ‘Forest Pansy’ leaf does. I personally grow Forest Pansy, with dark purple foliage in spring which later turns green, and Lavender Twist, a weeping form of redbud. For more interesting facts about Redbud Trees click here. Redbuds are truly brilliant additions to any garden, and they also work well with a variety of plants. New growth emerges as a shimmering red-purple, and the heart-shaped leaves remain burgundy throughout the season. The Burgundy Hearts Redbud is a form of eastern redbud, Cercis canadensis. Since redbud is a popular landscape plant, there are numerous cultivated varieties available. The Forest Pansy Redbud has a rapid growth rate. These beautiful flowers look splendid with their heart-shaped deep apricot leaves that sport a variety of gorgeous shades during the maturing process, including shades of orange, yellow and gold. Burgundy Hearts Redbud, Cercis canadensis ‘Greswan’ This exciting new Redbud selection is a vast improvement over Forest Pansy Redbud. This new Redbud selection from Greenleaf Nursery has new growth that emerges as shimmering red-purple heart-shaped leaves. Since it is quite a rare form of a stunning native tree, you can also use it in a naturalized situation or even as a nice specimen. Where leaves are shaded by others they will turn to green. In addition to purple-leafed forms such as ‘Forest Pansy’ and Burgundy Hearts®, now there are a number of white-variegated forms such as ‘Floating Clouds’ and ‘Silver Cloud.’ Since 2010, about five new golden-foliage type redbuds have hit the market including ‘Merlot,’ ‘Hearts of … In full shade, they will remain more purple with green veins. The best part about this is that all these breathtaking colors are present at the same time, which is exactly why this variety of the redbud tree is called ‘the rising sun.’. Beautiful burgundy leaves after displays of bright pink flowers are the highlights of this beautiful flowering tree. There is probably no better way to welcome the beautiful spring season than growing stunning redbud trees that fully bloom in this very season. â Ace of Heartsâ is a compact selection (to about 12 feet high) hardy in zones 5-9 with light violet flowers. There have been many new and exciting recently discovered redbud varieties that have distinctive colored foliage and vibrant flowers. I would never be without it--it puts the others to shame. Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' legt im Jahr bis zu 60 Zentimeter in Höhe und Breite zu, bleibt im Mittel aber bei 30 bis 40 cm. You will receive email notifications along the way on the progress of your order, as well as tracking information to track your plants all the way to their new home! They typically grow on bare wood on tiny leaf stalks. It turned out to be the weeping redbud plant that the woman’s parents had once successfully propagated. This greatly contributes to its long life and also enables it to hold its dense dome-shaped canopy for many years. Although the redbud tree started off as a single type of tree, it soon branched out into various cultivars that have made it one of the most popular options for residential gardens. Plant the Burgundy Hearts Redbud in full sun or partial shade, in rich, moist, well-drained soil. It is best known for its breathtaking golden-yellow foliage that transforms into a stunning chartreuse color as the tree grows and matures. An exciting new Redbud selection from Greenleaf Nursery that is a vast improvement over Forest Pansy Redbud. Merlot redbud produces lustrous, dark purple leaves that are incredibly thick and glossy. Eastern Redbud. Forest Pansy is a cultivar of the wildly popular Redbud tree. Once the flowers bloom in profusion, they are followed by heart-shaped leaves that are initially a pretty shade of bronze, then they turn green, and then finally, a warm, radiant yellow during the autumn season. It grows best in moist soils and full sun and is a spectacular addition to any garden border. This is the first known, gold-foliaged Cercis for the U.S. Market.